Who We Are
The NH Community Behavioral Health Association is an organization comprised of the ten community mental health centers throughout New Hampshire. These centers serve individuals in our state who are living with—and recovering from—mental illness and emotional disorders. In fiscal year 2009, this network of mental health centers provided ongoing and emergency behavioral health services to over 48,000 New Hampshire residents, a number that includes over 12,000 children.
The goal of the Association is to raise awareness about the crucial role played by community-based mental health centers to ensure public safety and overall public health for all New Hampshire residents. In addition, the Association serves as an advocate for a strong mental health system across New Hampshire.
Source: NH Department of Health & Human Services, Bureau of Behavioral Health Statistical Report (Q4, FY2009)

“The NH Community Behavioral Health Association represents the best work and thinking about how to serve the growing mental health needs facing New Hampshire today and in the years ahead. Their dedicated work every day to help all our people live healthier lives makes an measurable difference to the people of our state.“
-Governor John Lynch

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